Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We started early, just like any fishing day. On the way to
Lake Perris we found out that the lake was closed. . . Awesome. So we decide to go
to Diamond Valley, 50 miles away. No problem. We get there, spend 45 minutes
cleaning EVERY BIT of water (from the rain) out of the boat, because there are new laws that forbid you bringing any water into the lake that wasn't from the lake you are visiting. Anyways, 45 minutes later we get to the boat inspection and someone ratted us out that we were cleaning the boat down the street. We got denied and had to leave. . . We decide to go to a Corona Lake, which I (now) highly recommend. . .

. . . NOT GOING TO. 
Though there are lots of pretty birds, including this show off.

Not much in the lake. Most of the good spawning grounds were crowded
with crappie and cat fisherman. And the lake is tiny, about half as small as it used to be when I was a youngster. I only caught my skunk insurance, my dad
didn't get any.

It's dirty with lots of dead fish floating around. . .

Monday, April 23, 2012


I thought I was all alone while I was waiting for everyone to get up and ready early in the AM.

Then I noticed Man-Killing Hector was up and about too.

Whoops! A little freeway mishap. I'd say this was 75% my fault and 25% my Dad's.

My fishing mates, my Dad and Lany. This was the second time I've ever taken Lany out. Last time I caught one and she got nothing. She'd never really caught a bass before.

 I started out the day a little off my game.

The rookie, Lany "Twig Assassin" Morrison was the first to get on.

Skunk insurance for the lady. BW.

I followed suit with a bass that looks like it got in a little scrap.

Lany hooked another... this was taken seconds before she FARMED IT! She learned a valuable lesson in farming after that.

Then my Dad got on.

Bass Wassup.

 For some reason I can't figure out how to flip this photo over. Nice bass though.

Lany was on fire and it started to make me uneasy.

 Catchin up.

How cute, she got herself a little male.

My Dad wanted a little guy too.

 Lany's first time driving a bass boat.

The locals.


Okay, we get it Lany. You were on fire.

Ostrich bird?

There she goes again.

Guess who's back!? Lany and I each ended up with 6.

My Dad ended the day with a nice one.

I caught this injured little guy with my hands. I thought it was a sure bet. I had a few bass looking at it, then suddenly Lany and my Dad dropped their lines right where I said the bass were. So there went that. Then I accidentally casted it off my hook and couldn't retrieve it.

Lany was chumming.

If you look by my Dad's knee (a very sun-burned knee) you'll see one of my Mom's Christmas towels falling to the bottom of the lake.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Headed up to an old haunt, Lake Irvine. The water was super clear and the lake level was down about 10ft. I started out in the morning with a trusty senko and hooked up quick.
Best of the day. I caught'em sight fishing with a senko. Good times.
Because the lake was so clear, you could see bass everywhere. They weren't interested in my senko though.
They were making babies.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Our homie Jake Olson-Elm talking about style and fishing.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


It was a super foggy day all day, but the morning was cray.

Mandatory lights.

These guys caught one before any of us. I felt like the world had ended.

Then I caught one and felt fine.

Then I caught another.

My Dad hooked one.

He landed himself some insurance.

Mike finally got on the board.

I started tearing it wide open.

This one was nice.

I started catching so many I was getting amorous with the fish.


Stupid spider got all caught up in the middle of the lake.

My Dad started getting it going to and ended up with 9 bass.

Mike caught 5, but felt like he had 0.

I was catching them on the phone...

This one broke my Dad's pole.

 And I got this beauty. She was number 14 of my 17 bass yesterday.

As things started slowing down around 3:30 we dove into the heavy cover.

Not much happened in this stuff, my Dad caught one male.

End of the day.