Saturday, June 26, 2010



We've been lagging on fishing lately. Real life is getting in the way. But we're heading to Sequoia tomorrow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


While in Carlsbad this weekend, I went shore fishing in some bay with Joe Carlino and June Bhongjan, snowboarding's newest power couple.

Sunsetting fishin.

June caught this mini calico bass.

And she had to put the worm on Joe's hook.

By the time she caught this sand bass, I started to feel like she was disrespecting me.

But I still had to be the one to take the fish of the hook for her.

For the record, Joe and I got skunked. Here is Brandon Phillips who showed up later to cross that pipe across the water on a dare from Joe.

This is what I look like getting skunked.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


No no no, that's a largemouth bass, not a whale.


Another Irvine Lake day, this dude might have just brought too many rods.

Beautiful morning.

Bass... Wassup. My first fish of the day.

If this were Red Dead Redemption, I'd blast those fools.

Mike the Book Theif with his first fish, way before his legs got creamed by the sun.

He looks like me with his head shaved, huh?

Kenny was dazzled by the early fishing action.

My Dad gets on the board.

Kenny's leaper.


I caught this stick, and by default, this snail.

The sun doing it's best.

Kenny's second bass.

This photo reminds me of rap videos. Might change my whole outlook on bass fishing...

Plleeaasseee.. doonnn'tttt eaaatt meee?

Kenny amorous yet again.

Bass Wassup sucker.

This just might be the Irvine Lake record for snag landed. Congratulations Kenny.

Mike falling for the, "HEY MIKE!" trick.

Yeah Mike! Alright!

Mike thought Kenny was taking a photo with his phone. Haha, what an idiot.

This guy got me out of my rut. Lakers son!

We got a electronic scale. It only used kg, so I don't know how much this one weighed, maybe 2.5 lbs?

Mike's Ode to (Peter Benchetler and/or Sean McCormick)

When this lucky trout found out Mike was letting it go, she jumped for joy!

Then she poked her head out of the water and egged Mike.

After catching the trout, Mike remembered himself and caught this bass.

More rap video.


My phone doesn't even turn on anymore.

Motorcycle vs. Motorcycle.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Bass Wassup homey Jake Olson-Elm sent us some photos from his cabin on one of the many many many many lakes they have up there in Minnesota while fishing with his cousins.

Jake's cousin with a lunker yellow perch.

Wooo weee!

I'm gonna tell your mom Jake!

Geez louiz!

Jake's cousin killing it.

Jake caught this one on May, 27th, 2010.

Jake liked this photo so much he had to jump in the photo!
They were catching everything out there.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'd have this as my mailbox. 100%. FACT. My friend Bags sent this to me today, it's by his local fishing hole.