Sunday, April 1, 2012


It was a super foggy day all day, but the morning was cray.

Mandatory lights.

These guys caught one before any of us. I felt like the world had ended.

Then I caught one and felt fine.

Then I caught another.

My Dad hooked one.

He landed himself some insurance.

Mike finally got on the board.

I started tearing it wide open.

This one was nice.

I started catching so many I was getting amorous with the fish.


Stupid spider got all caught up in the middle of the lake.

My Dad started getting it going to and ended up with 9 bass.

Mike caught 5, but felt like he had 0.

I was catching them on the phone...

This one broke my Dad's pole.

 And I got this beauty. She was number 14 of my 17 bass yesterday.

As things started slowing down around 3:30 we dove into the heavy cover.

Not much happened in this stuff, my Dad caught one male.

End of the day.

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