Tuesday, March 26, 2013


After catching 17 myself last weekend, we were ready for what was to come!

No better time for an art shot than early morning.


I'm on one. Action shot!

I consider anytime I catch my skunk insurance an art shot, so here's another.

Isn't it nice.

Mike had to ruin the art shots by getting his skunk insurance tangled up in the shrubbery.

Mike's on.

Mike hooked a lady and It got wrapped up too. Don't know what the deal with Mike getting wrapped up is, but I didn't know my camera was zoomed in and I was struggling catching the action.

Mike unwrapping her.

Getting the hook out finally.

Oh phew... art shot break.

 Mike's bad girl!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Iron Yo-Yo's!

Last Thursday, headed out to Seaforth to fish the 3/4 day on the San Diego. Ended up being the best day of the year, 54 Yellowtails! I nailed 3 all on the Irons. Good times!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013


I framed some of my Mom's art. Bass Wassup.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Rich Dodds and I decided to head to what I feel is the Bass Wassup stomping grounds. On the way there, we ran into some back street drama. Domestic disputes in the streets.

I've never been known for my ability to drive. Rich stepped in and helped me back the boat up. 

My skunk insurance. It took a little longer than I was comfortable with, but I got there.

The morning was pretty slow.

Rich finally got his insurance. It wasn't looking very promising.

Rich with number two.


Rich caught one of my Senkos that I had lost earlier.

Rich navigating the lake.

My selfie of Rich driving the boat. Check out ashburyeyewear.com for some polarized sunnies so you can catch a ton of bass.

I've never been able to give the live well a test. Finally tried her out with one of my bass.

Things slowly started to heat up.

We started catching some.

Rich even got this baby back.

Rich's hook problems.

Most of the fish were around the 1.5-2 lb mark, this was the fish of the day.

Trying to get in the back alleys.

We found this massive dying carp.

I don't drive with my hands.

Doublin' up! It started to get hot out there! I ended up with 17 for the day and Rich got 8 for a total of 25.

It was an awesome day. Then I drove my tired self up to Big Bear to go snowboarding the next day.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Spring has sprung! Drop shot Margarita Mutilator all day. 8 bass, mostly on the smaller side. One chunky 4 pounder.

Fred Hall boat show 13'

4 hour Bloody Decks scavenger hunt, Upland bird tutorial from the legend Jim Matthews and a lot of other cool stuff.