Friday, July 13, 2012

First Trip Out

 Headed out with about 3 hours sleep under my belt. There's Al in the center setting up for the trip. Before we left he raffled off a sweet rod and reel setup. Guess who was the lucky angler...Turns out that was just the beginning.

 About a 2 hour boat took us to Coronado Islands. That white stuff is not snow, it's bird doo doo!
 The first spot was swarming with birds. A couple got hooked up.
 After a gnarly fight, I scored a nice Yellowtail. It was my first, so ate the heart. No Problem!
With this bad boy, I was in the lead for the jackpot.
Until, I heard someone yell shark. They had to kill it right away. Nice Mako!!! Ended up taking the jackpot. It was the captains call.
Deckhands, filleting up the catch.
 Point Loma. A welcome sight. I was pretty beat.
Fisherman III, hooked it up! Capt. McGriff made sure we were on the spots and the deckhands made sure we landed most our fish.