Sunday, July 24, 2011

1/2 day on the Premier, out of H&M Landing,

Loading up on the bait, anchovies and sardines. The anchovies were the ticket though.
Sand Bass!
Chris, with a Chocolate Bass! His first saltwater fish.
Anthony, with a Calico Bass. He was fly lining a anchovie off the stern, he just learned how to cast 10 mins before he hooked up!
The kelp beds in the afternoon produced the calico's. We had a pretty good day, everyone was catching fish. We ended up with 7 assorted fish, sandbass, calicos, and some rockfish.
The winner of the Jack Pot! The deckhand was asking if anyone had a bigger fish to challenge this Barracuda. It looks like that dude in the back raising his hand, thought he did...but the barracuda prevailed.

These guys where around all day. I think one of them dropped a dumpling in my beer.
Nap Jam!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Everything about this photo is amazing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


                         I found this book at Target. Looks like a good read.
                    First ones out. Well, first ones out from the "rental boat" group.
                          Mike getting mentally prepared to do some damage.
           I wish the day would have stayed like this. Unfortunately, it got really hot.
                                      Vultures looking for some easy food.

  Mike was wearing Converse today. I'm not going to say who did this to this poor bass.
                                Mike started things off with this beauty.
                 He caught a couple right away, which left his dad and i feeling nervous.
                  woooooooooooo... that was a close one! I finally pulled this sucker in.
                Mike's dad finally got on the board too. This was probably fish of the day.
                           It started getting really hot, but Mike still pulled this bad dog in!
                                         Ahhhh, the beauty of rental boats.
               It was so hot Mike thought he would just put his feet in the water.
                                                     Mike "fishing"
                                 I don't really know what he was doing here.


                                                This is Bran of El Cajon.
                        Baines trying to get some early, shore fishing going... Nada.
                                     Waiting for the boat rental office to open.
                                                      And we were off!
                                    Baines starts things off with this nice one.
       It must have taken me 5 hours to catch my first one. Not a good day. By this time the heat was unbearable. Skunk insurance will always bring a smile though.                                      
                         We tried tons of different spots until Baines landed this monster.
       Baines was showing early signs of heat stroke, so i had to take over as captain.