Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We started early, just like any fishing day. On the way to
Lake Perris we found out that the lake was closed. . . Awesome. So we decide to go
to Diamond Valley, 50 miles away. No problem. We get there, spend 45 minutes
cleaning EVERY BIT of water (from the rain) out of the boat, because there are new laws that forbid you bringing any water into the lake that wasn't from the lake you are visiting. Anyways, 45 minutes later we get to the boat inspection and someone ratted us out that we were cleaning the boat down the street. We got denied and had to leave. . . We decide to go to a Corona Lake, which I (now) highly recommend. . .

. . . NOT GOING TO. 
Though there are lots of pretty birds, including this show off.

Not much in the lake. Most of the good spawning grounds were crowded
with crappie and cat fisherman. And the lake is tiny, about half as small as it used to be when I was a youngster. I only caught my skunk insurance, my dad
didn't get any.

It's dirty with lots of dead fish floating around. . .

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