Monday, April 23, 2012


I thought I was all alone while I was waiting for everyone to get up and ready early in the AM.

Then I noticed Man-Killing Hector was up and about too.

Whoops! A little freeway mishap. I'd say this was 75% my fault and 25% my Dad's.

My fishing mates, my Dad and Lany. This was the second time I've ever taken Lany out. Last time I caught one and she got nothing. She'd never really caught a bass before.

 I started out the day a little off my game.

The rookie, Lany "Twig Assassin" Morrison was the first to get on.

Skunk insurance for the lady. BW.

I followed suit with a bass that looks like it got in a little scrap.

Lany hooked another... this was taken seconds before she FARMED IT! She learned a valuable lesson in farming after that.

Then my Dad got on.

Bass Wassup.

 For some reason I can't figure out how to flip this photo over. Nice bass though.

Lany was on fire and it started to make me uneasy.

 Catchin up.

How cute, she got herself a little male.

My Dad wanted a little guy too.

 Lany's first time driving a bass boat.

The locals.


Okay, we get it Lany. You were on fire.

Ostrich bird?

There she goes again.

Guess who's back!? Lany and I each ended up with 6.

My Dad ended the day with a nice one.

I caught this injured little guy with my hands. I thought it was a sure bet. I had a few bass looking at it, then suddenly Lany and my Dad dropped their lines right where I said the bass were. So there went that. Then I accidentally casted it off my hook and couldn't retrieve it.

Lany was chumming.

If you look by my Dad's knee (a very sun-burned knee) you'll see one of my Mom's Christmas towels falling to the bottom of the lake.

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