Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekday Bassin'

I wanted to go to El Capitan. When I got there the gates were closed, so I decided to try Lake Cuyamaca which is not far from my house, but it's up in the mountains. I was greeted to some snow on the way up.
First time launching the boat by myself, it went well. The sucky thing was that I was wearing flip flops and got skunked.
The next day El Capitan was open!
Got me a pretty one!
And another...
This one had a crawdad coming up. You can kinda see it. I hurried up and threw her back in so that see could finish it off.
Behold the dreaded Quagga Mussel... Apparently El Capitan has a problem with these bad boys.
Afternoon blowout!

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