Friday, March 16, 2012


             Ladies and Gents, i give you... Captain Banes (on his own bass boat)!
 Now that we have a couple of brand new bass boats in BassWassup, things just look better.
                                         Aaahhh, Perris in ze spring time.
                                      If you look closely, you can see a bunch of birds.
                                                                 Captain's chair
 Banes and i have been talking about the Alabama Rig lately, so Banes went out and got it.
 Are you ready to catch three bass at once? Can you handle that action? Banes can.
                We spotted a bird in the distance that was having a hard time taking off.
Come to find out, he had a bunch of fishing line wrapped around his neck. The dude was stuck.
We got close enough to get him on the boat to try and help him out. Banes trying to find the line.
   Banes got him all unwrapped. You could tell he was very happy after we helped him.
                                     Just another day of saving lives on bass boat #1.
                                            Have a nice day, little buddy.
           Banes strikes with a beauty! Here he's debating whether to french kiss the fish or not.
    These photos aren't in order. Banes with another beauty on bass boat #1.
                                                            Nice chunk here!
   We wanted to try out the live well, so we put this guy in there. He didn't like it much, so we let him out after about 10 seconds. He was trying to commit suicide in there.
                                                              STAY WHITE
                   Banes either re-applying or enjoying the smell of bass on his hand.
                                                                        uh oh...
                           There she is! It was a crazy experience for me being on this boat.
                       Another art shot of Banes and the bird.
             Getting my first fish of the year was such a good feeling. I got 6 on my first day.
                                                       Another one at our spot.
                                                               Happy Kenny
                        Like i said, these aren't in order. This was actually the first fish of the day.

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