Saturday, March 19, 2011


 Kenny serenading us into fishing mode.

This was our first trip to El Capitan, there was a bass tournament...

Banes trying to get us onto some fish before the tournament boats let loose.

I got my skunk insurance right away!

Banes action.

Woot woot!

Banes getting it down.

Doubling up.

Who's skunk insurance?

Kenny relieved.

Wassup Capitan?

Bass Wassup.
Kenny action.

Kenny beginning to ignite.

Looks like I stole Kenny's fire.

Another? Ok, thank you.

Uh oh.. Banes has a nice one dive into the trees.

It gets wrapped around a branch.

Kenny tries to save the day...

Kenny the Hero!

Nice one Banes.

Banes lands another.

Woot woot.


Sharp Kenny... sharp.

Another classic moment with Shane Banes.

And yet another classic moment with Shane Banes...

Happy Thanksgiving?

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