Sunday, March 13, 2011


Mike, Kenny, Banes, and I got up bright and early to rip some lips at Irvine Lake.

Well, Kenny and Mike's alarms didn't go off, so I headed there by myself to get everything prepared for the day.

 Oh and I forgot. Banes' alarm didn't go off either, so he bailed.

 Mike and Kenny make it. To our delight, Mike dropped his sunglasses in the water while getting in the boat.

I lost my elph battery charger, so Kenny and I are taking iphone pics. Kenny's iphone has that artistic touch.

The only touch I have is for settin hooks! First of 10 for me. We got 22 between the 3 of us today.

I'll kill you.

Kenny's got that skunk insurance.

Mike started sweatin it, but he got his insurance as well.

 Kenny and his line problems...


 One of the many disadvantages of not owning a bass boat.

Kenny covering up, he's got that sensitive skin.

Post-farm depression.


Fish bait?

Iphone's don't cut it on the action shots do they?

Mike and Kenny doubled up after lunch.

I was so jealous of their double up, that I had to catch this bad boy.

Mike fishing 15 feet above water. He's so creative, that's why he's an artist.

Mike being a little more conventional.

Until next time... Bass Wassup.

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