Sunday, March 6, 2011

DAY 1 OF 2011

 It's fishing time again. Bright and early, we're back!

Oh wait... engine problems?

Mike needed to warm up, so he went ahead and farmed the first fish he hooked.

Banes opens it up.

Mike and his trusty net. That net is to Mike, what Superman's cape is to Superman. Look at that reach. We made him put it away after Banes landed this bass.

All netted and safe.

I had no action at this point, so I turned to some comfort snacks for motivation.

BAM! Biggest fish of the day, thanks Sour Patch Jelly Beans!

This is me trying to take a photo of Mike farming another bass. Unfortunately he landed his.

Not bad for some much needed Skunk Insurance.

Mike likes to nap in the shape of an L, he does it out of his love for me.

When he woke up I gave him his net back. He was so happy, he said it might give him good luck.

And it did!

I get all corny and serious when I throw up our gang sign. Maybe it's because all of the MS 13 in my neighorhood.

Trying to get Banes on that farmer tip.

Nope, he landed it.

Banes on fire.

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