Friday, April 22, 2011


 Since Lance and Mike are out of town doing some fishing elsewhere, Banes and i decided to bring the Bass Wassup heat to Lake Perris. Banes was running a little late, so i got right to work by the marina...    Nada.
 Ladies and Gents, I give you... Captain Banes! We knew right where to go for the Perris Classic. We wanted results.
                             Banes started the day off right with this beauty.
 It took me a while but i landed this guy, which made that sick, skunky feeling go away.
 Banes found the sweet spot. Here Captain Banes has a mouthful of seeds and a handful of BASS.
 We started cruising through our sweet spot when Banes pulled this sucker out. Banes checking the weight.
 Banes throwing the signature Bass Wassup. At this point we were getting excited cause this was a really nice looking fish. As Banes put his fish back in the water, something was happening on my end of the boat...        
 Uh oh! As i was putting my face mask on, this lunker was getting some lunch on the end of my line. I had to walk around the boat a few times to wear this sucker out, but in the end, fish on the boat! After releasing this fish, Banes and i sat down for a quick break and a laugh. I was so happy at this point.
                              Here's another shot of her. The face on this fish was HUGE.
     I didn't want to slow down after that one, so i pulled this 5 lbs er on the boat a little later.
                                         Thumbs up for the Perris Classic!

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