Friday, May 14, 2010


Banes taking the reins on Boat #1. Boat #1 consisted of Kenny Ray and Banes. Boat #2 was myself, Mike, and Justin Meyer. We tried out luck at Lake Perris before taking Justin to the airport.

Banes and Kenny enjoyed the romantic morning boat ride.

Kenny's been doing a lot of reading up and youtubing on bass fishing. He opened it up with mad confidence.

Banes respectfully concealing the identity of his fish.

Kenny's not impressed with this suckerfish.

Our boat didn't start with quite their luck. Justin insured himself with this bluegill.


Justin got this babyback as well.

Such a little darling.

A sad dead duck. I think it must have bit into a hook and got anchored. You can see the line coming from it's mouth... 
Mike fought this bluegill long and hard, but it was worth it in the end.

I didn't have any luck until I added poptarts to my hook.

Pelican Rock.

Please don't leave hooks on the anchor rope. The next people to use it may catch one in the hand. I got the barb and all. The ol' hook in the hand trick.

We finished the day off the shore, Banes caught this naughty naughty bass.

Look at her.

Mike keepin it real.

Stepping it up to the big leagues.

I finally got my skunk insurance. Westside!

A few casts later.

Kenny had no shore luck, so he danced instead.

Justin trying to cast a dead bluegill out there.

Mike thinks he can disrespect Justin.

Mike, moments before Justin gave him a little titty twister.


  1. Boat #1 with Kenny and Banes won the Perris tournament. The bass that banes caught is way bigger than it looks.......Notice the way he holds it compared to Michaels. It's a cheap optical illusion.

  2. And yes Kenny, Lance should definitely get a tetanus shot.