Thursday, May 13, 2010


Death Trap, always in the drivers seat.

You always want to get that Skunk Insurance,
luckily I got mine first cast.

Silhoutted, I had Justin and Baines sweatin' early.

Justin Meyer insured.

Shane Baines holdin' his breath. Getting skunked is not wassup.


I'm relatively new to the blogging world, Lance just informed me to make the photos large. So from here the photos should be a bit easier to see. . . A jumping bass may be entertaining, but if the hook isn't set well then it just might be when you lose it.

Baines with a properly set hook.

Justin hyped, but not that hyped.

Skeleton Crew

This is what a swift learner looks like.

Justin caught this. There was a time when Lance would have called that a lunker.

We brought Sean Mccormick. He didn't have any luck, so he ended up being our photographer. He likes wildlife.

A beauty.

This is for all you ladies out there. Look closely and you will see hundreds of cute cuddly babies. Aw.

Baines was "chumming" all day, here he shows you the pay off.

Smaller version of my shirt?

Justin with a wise one.

Sean started to get bored and got carried away with the wild life photos. And ladies, those are babies.

So we took him to The Fish'n Hole where he could catch some trout with the kiddies.

Eventually he lost focus and headed to the playground.

Back to the action.

Whenever Justin took the camera from Sean he would take a photo like this. So I felt obligated to post one. With how many fish we caught I think we ended up with near 100 similar photos.

This is one of many from a cove we kept going back to.

Action shot! Stressful Entertainment!

Every time Justin or Shane caught one, I tried my darndest to catch one too for a duel photo. Here it finally paid off!


And again!

Baines in full speed fish mode, trying to get that last one before we got the boot.

My last speed fish catch broke my rod. Hours later, post shower and my hands still smell like fish.

Catch N' Release. Bass Wassup!

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