Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The line to get into Irvine was hella slow Friday. 

These guys were practicing their fly fishing techniques in the parking lot! 

That's me passing Kenny and Mike in the line. 

Mike got his skunk insurance first. 

I always love that early morning fog on the lake. 

I busted out my camera for the day. Video coming soon.

Banes and I got our skunk insurance at the same time. Party pic!

Take a breather. Relax. And enjoy this art pic.

This was Kenny's skunk insurance, I don't know how it got out of order because he caught his before Banes and I doubled up. Nice on eh?

Kenny with another. Kenny and Banes were the winners this trip.


Banes on!

Mike with an amorous second fish. I had no more fish for the rest of the day and neither did Mike. But it was still fun to get all four of us on the boat together again.

Bass Wassup.


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