Sunday, July 24, 2011

1/2 day on the Premier, out of H&M Landing,

Loading up on the bait, anchovies and sardines. The anchovies were the ticket though.
Sand Bass!
Chris, with a Chocolate Bass! His first saltwater fish.
Anthony, with a Calico Bass. He was fly lining a anchovie off the stern, he just learned how to cast 10 mins before he hooked up!
The kelp beds in the afternoon produced the calico's. We had a pretty good day, everyone was catching fish. We ended up with 7 assorted fish, sandbass, calicos, and some rockfish.
The winner of the Jack Pot! The deckhand was asking if anyone had a bigger fish to challenge this Barracuda. It looks like that dude in the back raising his hand, thought he did...but the barracuda prevailed.

These guys where around all day. I think one of them dropped a dumpling in my beer.
Nap Jam!

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