Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sequoia keeping you in your place.

Some sort of jay, that was blue.

Be careful.

Blake crossing the stream.

Mike crossing the stream...

Lance vs. Blake.

Mathew jumping the gap.

This little guy didn't want to be photographed.

Neither did Mike's first fish.

Here we have Mike modeling his lunker. Can you see it behind his hands?

Double gainer with a twist.

Mi padre's first fish.

Fighting the current.

The sixties.


Blake trying to live.

Don't even breath around Mike, or he'll try to catch you.

Making our way down to the stream.

Little fish trying to make it's way up stream. All the fish are natural here, they stock it later on in the summer. So they were all relatively humble in size.

I cropped this picture so you couldn't see the smudge on my lens.

Mike with an alligator lizard.

Mathew, Blake, and Malfoy checking it out.

Thanks sun.


New spot.

Lone ant hoisting this dead stinker up the wall.


At this spot we were catching Golden Trout. I lost my jig right away, so I had to catch big ants, flies, and whatever else I could catch for bait.

My Uncle Lance fishing with ladybugs.

Mike caught this huge thing too.

I caught this bad boy on a bumble bee that I straight swatted out of the sky.

What am I sticking my arm that deep in the mud for?

Can you tell what it is?

How about now? My shoe.

After my shoe was done for, I just watched.

Oh, happy days are here.

Bear sighting on our way out.

Drive by Sequoia tree.

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  1. amazing photo thread post. I am very impressed. Looks like an epic trip.