Wednesday, April 28, 2010


First ones on the dock.

I caught this little guy on my second or third cast of the morning.

Literally the first ones on the water.

Mike caught this bass, looks like jaundice.

Banes showing what he's working with.

Kenny with his first catch of the day.

Kenny started figuring it out.

Banes oozing style.

At this point Banes was going crazy already, so I was just happy to catch one.

The lake got REAL DIRTY by the dam.

Kenny landing his second bass.

Serious business.

Banes getting down at our new hot spot.

Action shot.

Mike with a beaut.

Kenny had a real nice one, but it broke his line off... er errr.


Gross little parasite.

Kenny broke Shane's rod.

Banes caught 14 this day.

He's got a black black heart.

Great Blue Heron.

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